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Packing Instructions: Slides

  • Be sure to use a brand new box for shipping. Do not use envelopes. Do not use shoe boxes.

  • Make sure every slide is right side up and facing up. Whichever way your photo is facing in your packaging is the way it will be scanned at our facilities.

  • Ensure that your box is stuffed well. If you have extra room in the box, use packing bubbles or paper to fill the space. (Do not use packing popcorn).

  • Contents must fit properly within the shipping box. The box must be securely closed and not be reshaped or bent.

  • Slides that are double mounted (see below) must be removed from metal mounts prior to submission for scanning. Any slide received still mounted in the metal bracket will not be scanned.

  • Group slides in bundles of 100 by rubber bands to ensure they stay organized in the shipping process.

If these guidelines are not followed, the unprocessed order will be returned to you at a handling fee of $25 and a return postage charge.

For more information, please visit our FAQ page.

Packing Instructions- Slides: Text
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