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Packing Instructions: Negatives

  • Be sure to use a brand new box for shipping. Do not use envelopes. Do not use shoe boxes.

  • Ensure that your box is stuffed well. If your have extra room in the box, use packing bubbles or paper to fill the space. (Do not use packing popcorn).

  • If your negatives are in sleeves, great! They will be protected from damage during shipping. If they are not in sleeves, we recommend placing them in a standard envelope to prevent damage.

  • DO NOT FOLD YOUR NEGATIVES OR CUT 35MM FILM INTO SINGLE FRAMES. This will render them unscannable.

  • APS film is self-contained in its own canister; do not attempt to remove it. If your canisters are in APS-specific film holders, you may send the film in them; the holders will be returned to you.

If these guidelines are not followed, the unprocessed order will be returned to you at a handling fee of $25 and a return postage charge.

For more information, please visit our FAQ page.

Packing Instructions- Negatives: Text
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