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Film & Video Scanning: How It Works

How It Works- Film & Video: Text

Step 1: You Place Your Order

  • Using our order page, you specify the scanning service that fits your needs.

  • Upon receiving your order, we will email you a prepaid shipping label.

  • Choose from standard (we scan your order in 4-6 weeks) or express (we scan your order within one week of confirmation) shipping options. 

How It Works- Film & Video: Text

Step 2: You Ship Us Your Items

  • Using the box we provide (or your own!) package your items safely following our packing instructions.

  • Drop off your box at a UPS location. Your order will be tracked from the minute you hand it to UPS.

  • We will send you an email once we have received your shipment. 

  • We will handle the rest of the shipping for your order, ensuring that it arrives securely at our facilities

How It Works- Film & Video: Text

Step 3: We Scan Your Items

  • We scan your items at the resolution you requested upon ordering.

  • Each of your items are handled carefully and given the full attention from our trained technicians.

  • We review each and every one of your videos to ensure they are transformed at a quality that meets our high standards.

  • We will send you an email updating you on the process of your scans and notifying you of any issues that occur.

How It Works- Film & Video: Text

Step 4: You Download Your Items

  • Once our technicians have completed their scanning and thorough review of your items, you will receive an email with a unique link to download your digitalized videos.

  • The link will be available for the amount of time you requested when placing your order.

  • Your link will allow you to download and saved your scanned videos to your computer or mobile device.

How It Works- Film & Video: Text

Step 5: We Ship Back Requested Items Or Any New Formats

  • If you have chosen to have your original items returned, we will safely ship them back to you.

  • If you have chosen any additional formats of your digitalized videos (USB/HDD/Thumb Drive), they will be included in this return order. 

  • If you requested disposal of your original film or reels, we will properly handle this.

How It Works- Film & Video: Text

Step 6: You Enjoy And Share Your New Memories!

  • Once your order is complete, you can easily enjoy and share your digitalized memories with friends and family.

  • Any DVDs sent to you will not be copy-protected, meaning you can burn the discs to new ones to share with friends and family!

How It Works- Film & Video: Text
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